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I should have made several posts for this but I'm lazy, shutup
never gonna give you up

I just finished Final Fantasy VI! Except for the GBA bonus dungeon but that totally doesn't count as anything other than dessert, that thing is evil shutup    Edger is still scientifically tappable, Relm and Shadow and Strago a sweet family and I kept them together during the final dungeon, and I am still extremely moe for Kefka. I blame his theme music and his competance--who else goes from messenger boy to god in twenty hours of gameplay, and laughs all the way through it?

/geeks out woo  

Done this week: attempted and failed to lure a kitty away from a construction site with some people I barely met.  Hung around Barnes and Noble with friends and argued about creepy Twilight is.  Wrote 6000 words.

To do: finish Kefka & Celes fic for final fantasy exchange, spam this with lolCobras (and if you MGS people on my flist haven't done it go do it, it's fun!), and go work on springkink.


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I love that Halloween Meme!


It's hilarious and win <3


So I was just reading Springkink prompts and there was this OH SO SUBTLE one about PAIN and BEES. HMM.

Someone just posted a Fury/Sorrow prompt, so hey.

I ADMIT NOTHING although I think the other mgs one I posted was pretty subtle ;D

Ooh. I should finish up the one I'm working on, then! yes i am slow as molassas today why do you ask

She has no idea how obvious her prompts are for any of her fandoms, it's so adorable.

I'm not that obvious, am I?

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