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hiatus and game
sand on my boots aagh

Gonna be mostly gone until Monday. Sorry, guiz. (Hilda I will do that meme eventually I swear)

If nothing else, have an awesome game to play--an eldritch abomination falls in love with our dimention, and charecterization ensues. Can be freaky or really sweet depending on your choices!

In other news, I'm replaying FFVI how did I just overwrite my game+ save ARG. I just finished rescuing the Esper--I forgot how much I love that music! And after paying attention to the fight with Kefka, I have to admit my headcanon that he's poison/electric/status and not just poison/status is completely baseless which will not stop me from thinking it anyway because it works thematically. Maybe he was before he went nuts? And how does he have Blizzara-did he steal it from Celes or something?/ xD