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"Call It Cute"
never gonna give you up

Title: Call It Cute
Fandom: Final Fantasy Dissidia
Pairing: Cloud of Darkness/Kefka (these two villains, pictures because I feel like it <3 and also because i feel guilty for having only seen the game played and not actually played it \o/)
From the Dissida comm
Rating: PG for angry kissing
Spoilers: Dissidia alt-forms, villain alliances and early Final Fantasy VI casualties
Summary: Even the pure incarnation of void can have a crush, right?


Cloud of Darkness always knows where to find Kefka--it's the void they share, him and her and the angel and the tree in armor. But it's him who interests her the most, and it's his connection that calls out to her now, a bloody string to lead her to the younger purveyor of nothing.

This particular instance, it calls out from a rotting castle, far away from the rest of Chaos--to the east. She follows because she is bored and does not wish to participate in battle and Kefka, despite the way he paints his face and warbles, is young and the way he follows her around attempting to convince her that his plans will work, controlling the Esper girl will lead to happiness for both of them, hey what do those snakes do anyway, fascinates her. Cloud of Darkness is an idea given form, but she retains enough humanity to recognize what passes for affection from the mage. If she had human emotions, she'd call it cute.

So she goes to find him.

He's sitting on the grass in front of the castle, a mortar balanced between his knees and a pestle in his hands; he's smashing flowers into pulp.

"What are you doing?"

He doesn't look up as a tentacle snakes around one wrist. "You get the oils out of these, distill 'em, put 'em in the right kind of bottle and use a bio spell and BAM--Bio in a bottle! Only works on humans, sadly," he adds as he waves off another tentacle reaching for the mortar, "and you've got to make 'em drink it to make it work, but you only have to do the spell once and it can wipe out a whole castle!"

"This castle?"

Kefka looks up at last, his ocean-blue eyes creased with pleasure. "Where else? Haven't you heard of--no, you wouldn't have." His body quivers with laughter. "The poisoning of Doma Castle made the whole world know the name Kefka Palazzo--I was almost executed for it. I knew they wouldn't, of course, because I'm a god and would have killed them all first, but the thought counts!"

"I see."

"Can you let go of my mortar? I'm not done yet, and I'm not sure how long the tide will be going out." He tugs on the long stone; Cloud's right tentacle tugs back, playful. He pouts at her smile. "The storyline's almost over and I'm giving my final speech soon. Can't I set it up so that when Cosmos goes back to their base, their refreshing water will make 'em all hit the floor before they can get back to their world?"

"You're talking madness again." As much as she likes Kefka, his tendency to segue into nonsense like 'storyline' and 'free play' rankles. It's always between the two of them, though; perhaps it is his way of showing affection? She does not understand humans, and of the four of the void-blessed Kefka is the most human. "And where were you going to distill those?"

"There's a place in my palace. In the ruins of the old labs." She tugs hard enough on his arm that he falls over backward, somersaulting, giving her a chance to steal both mortar and pestle. "Give those back!" he snaps, rolling to his feet to float up across from her, magic crackling at his fingertips.

She grins. "Silence those sordid cries and we might."

"Shut up, fossil! I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

Cloud of Darkness is not human, and therefore does not have a sense of humor, but she would like to so she could laugh at him for making a fool of himself. Maybe she'll try. How does he laugh again?


 "I heard that!"

They fight. He transforms into his godform, purple and lithe. She beats him anyway, and he collapses into her arms, wings broken.

"Hate you," he mutters. He reaches into the mortar (she still holds it; she hit him on the head with it a few dozen times, and she doesn't feel like dropping Kefka's hard work after that spirited fight) and smears his lips with oils that will be poison and kisses her, all teeth and aggression and sparks of magic dancing across his lips.

She's pretty sure he has no idea what he's doing, but that's alright. When she kisses back, she doesn't know what she's doing either.