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never gonna give you up



Clearly, we must celebrate

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. (If I don't know the fandom, I'll give you chance to change, or I can make something up.) In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

and I may go over ten :>

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you know what I want since I'm posting with this journal.

if you follow prompts, the one I've been giving everyone lately:
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you know what I want since I'm posting with this journal.

if you follow prompts, the one I've been giving everyone lately: <a href="http://www.lipwalklyrics.com/lyrics/359444-overtherhine-happytobeso.html>"my heart is bound and gagged and on death row"</a>

fuck I missed a quote mark in there somewhere, you still know what it is

warning for descriptions of gore and really messed up albiet consensual ladd/luaness

I got it, boss :>

Ladd doesn't kill Lua on Monday. All around, it is agreed this is deeply romantic. All of Ladd's boys want Ladd to kill them once they've killed everyone else, an exquisitely perfect death of bones crunching and chocking on blood, but Lua earned it best. You see, they know--

As much as Ladd enjoys killing and kills and blood, there are some people he can't kill without ramifications (which his uncle is deepy grateful for; he's hard enough to clean up for as is.) He's not going to jail because it's full of people scared to die and he'd have so much fun killing them all that he wouldn't be able to share it with his darling, beloved Lua, but they have a system. (At least, that is what Ladd tells Placido, and he doesn't ask any questions--)

Lua visits the annoyance in question. She is demure, gentle, giggles at the right places and always smiling. There is tea. There are cookies. And if Mrs. Pax is found dead a few days later of arsenic poisoning, everyone knows she uses arsenic-laced fertilizer. It was an accident! Everyone knows sweet-faced, darling Lua is a sweet girl, even if she hangs around that no good gangster--

And if Lua gracefully gets pictures of the crime scene from the coroner and celebrates them with Ladd--he pulls her around in a dance while she buries her face in his chest and breaths in the blood-gunpowder-lilies smell of him--well, that's between him and her.

They've got a sytem, you see. It's deeply romantic. When Ladd kills everyone in the world worth killing, it'll be just him and sweet-faced, darling Lua. He'll kill her, right as rain, and he'll have her body in his lap, her cheek on his chest, and he'll drink his tea and cookies.

(Deleted comment)
Roy rarely looks in the mirror anymore. He got his eyes back, yes, but sometimes he looks out of the corner of his eye and all he sees is hturteht and he's frozen with--he only remembers fragments of The Truth, but sometimes they are there. Just like Ed sometimes feels a touch that isn't there on his shoulder--

But all transmutation circles glow, now. It's more distracting than anything else, and sometimes he presses his old gloves to his eyes and the circles on them soothe a headache he forgot he had--but it's nothing. It doesn't affect his work--preparing missions for alchemists and sorting out odd tranmutation circles when they come across them. It's close enough to ideal. He knows everything, must know everything, and he does not let himself be weak here.

As for Riza--old age becomes Riza. She spends more time in the office than in the field now, sorting paperwork and filing and making sure that someone isn't misusing the laws again and occasionally pointing a gun at an official and threatening to blow their head off for corruption right then and there. President Armstrong keeps an eye turned away and everything goes smoothly.

And when they get home--Roy closes his eyes. Riza lets her hair down and puts her gun in the cabinet. They kiss, the blinding blaze of Riza's tattoo kept in check by his shut eyes, and she guides him to the bed. He keeps himself blinded when he is home because he will not let Riza be overtaken by her past.

(Although she makes sure he can see when he cooks; she's not having a repeat of the Apron Bacon Grease Incident ever again.)


Kuja King (Old Alexandrian: Cuja Cing, Trenese: Cuujah Kiing) (9XX--9XX?) was the scion of the King household. He was created by Garland the False God and worked as his servant before his transition to good after the Terra Wars in 10XX.

Kuja played an important part in the wars of Alexandria, having influenced Queen Brahne to start them through his magic. He is said to have created the first black mage and to have started the slow road to democracy in Treno.

The information there is about the historical Kuja is sparse. He is mentioned in KUJA KING ALWAYS LOSES


"Eiko, that's not how we're supposed to use time-travel magic," Zidane murmurs while Squall looks on, disbelieving.

"Shut up! If we're here in the future of our world, we might as well make sure that they get the history right!"

LOL! Wait until Kuja's legion of fangirls re-edit the wiki page. XD

Also I miiiiight have a thing for "how history sees our characters" fic

And soon, an edit war erupts and Cuja Til Alexandrios XI, historian and queen of Alexandria, locks it down when she's done bestowing a knighthood on President Steiner.

apparently I am psychic xD


Now I pictured Kuja wearing Garnet's coronation gown wat.

We do hivemind often!

And when Eiko finds out....

"Who's that?"

"Oh, that's Queen Cuja of Alexandria."


"It's a tradition! Starting from King Kuja in 11XX, Queen Garnet's grandson!"

he could pull it off

perhaps it is a sign? xD

XD! Garnet is horrified to hear.

Of course he can, he's Kuja, and thus fabulous. But I repeat myself.

Maybe <3

(Ah, heck, I'm game.)

Think, think, think... Pain/Fear, prompt word: unicorns? IDK.

warning for mgs3=style arrow violence

(long time no see xD)


"They don't exist," Pain says, waving his fork at Fear over the fire. "There's no way something so ridiculous could exist!"

"It does exist!" Fear shoots back, waving his spoon like a conductor. The remaining Cobras are watching from the other side of the campfire in what would be classified by scientists today as driedeggs.gif.

"Tomorrow's rations says they're sharing the tent tonight," End says, feeding Polly the V a nut.

"You won't win that," Joy murmurs, smiling.

"Why not?"

"Because we're sharing it," Sorrow says, hopping down from a tree. "The coast is clear. Send the lovebirds over to clean out the Nazis, would you, dearest?"

Later on, the End owes Boss the rations. Boss and Sorrow have a wonderful twenty minutes in the tent. Pain and Fear still cannot agree on whether unicorns exist or not, but they can agree that Nazis with arrows in their foreheads make a fine subsitute.

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